Monday, May 10, 2010

the betty effect

to all the people who think facebook is a waste of time, i think betty white and her fans may disagree. after a much publicized and successful campaign to convince snl to have betty host, she did an amazing job last saturday night. at 88 1/2 she's still as fiesty and irreverent as i remember and loved her on mary tyler moore and the golden girls. i hope i grow up to be just like her!

but this isn't me gloating or feeling good about being a part of the facebook campaign, it's about what a friend of mine posted today that i wanted to share and let you think about.  she wrote: 
i am happy i had some small part in getting her (betty) there when i joined that facebook group.  go betty! now what else can we make happen?

i love the idea of a grassroots effort succeeding. obviously, there are much more important things we can achieve if we work together than getting betty a hosting job. we can look at issues that are large or small, important or humorous, and challenging or easy.  a problem with a solution. there are certainly enough problems from which to choose. start small, start local...find one where you have an emotional tie. start in your house or in your city. be a role model for your child or be a mentor to a child you don't know.  

wwcd: what are you willing to do to improve a situation?

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  1. more from aunt judy:

    move over please, there are a lot of us wanting to be just like betty when we grow up.....yes we can, either one at a time, or involvement with others, but it is our responsibility to make change, influence others, and just be aware....awareness will be the catalyst all of the above taking place.... she was a delight to out TV land, there is a new star on the horizon...not old but BRAND NEW,,,,,.