Thursday, August 11, 2011

with a plop

On the totem pole of life's problems, this one's very low. I am a bit embarrassed to say how disorienting yesterday was for me, but I'm owning it. After coming home through what seemed like one of those rainstorms where you could imagine a flash flood sweeping Park Avenue, I stood in my kitchen drying off. I was going through the mail while waiting for an important call. Oh, and for the record, and just so you understand my reaction, my cell number was the only number I gave to this person to call me.


Before I knew it my Blackberry fell in Lucy's water bowl. Seriously? The accuracy of it surprised me. She's a 10 pound dog with a small bowl. I grabbed it out of the water - all the while cursing like I can do on occasion - took the back off, pulled out the battery and sim card, put it on a towel, turned it over, got out the blow dryer, and prayed.

After giving the device a blow dry, I prayed again (now thinking maybe the Tea Party has had a serious effect on me), put the battery in and waited for the connection to happen. It charged up, powered on, message markers blinked, it even vibrated with voicemails. But the keyboard wasn't responding. More drying and I even put the Blackberry in a ziplock with one of those moisture remover packets overnight.

Here's the kicker - I woke up several times during the night expecting to see my Blackberry charging on my bedside table. I never realized how many times I wake up to check it. What could possibly be sent to me in the middle of the night that I need to wake up and put on my glasses to read? I think I have a problem.

The withdrawal continued throughout the next day, until I was able to go to Verizon. Pleasantly surprised that I bought the insurance, the salesman told me to call the insurance company and they'd overnight me a new Blackberry. One more night of waking up to no emails, texts, BBMS or voicemails, but I found I slept through the night. I actually had a great night sleep.

Fast forward to the next day, today, and the phone arrives. I set it up, which took a little time since it's a newer model and unfortunately I didn't have all my information backed up. Mostly just had to recreate my BBM list. Tonight, as it all seems to be be back to normal, I had a thought: should I leave it out of the bedroom permanently?

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  1. Your friend, s.xxxAugust 13, 2011 at 2:59 AM

    YES. YES. YES. Leave it out of the bedroom. You are not the leader of the free world who must be in constant contact. If someone really needs to get in touch there are other ways, i can think of - actually two fairly concrete ones. So next time you grab the BB to bring into the BR, I want you to hear my dog voice: LEAVE IT! LEAVE IT. Good girl.