Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Be kind to all beings

I'm committed to diversity initiatives at two schools, in very different roles. In each school, we have our reasons why diversifying the school is important, but the shooting at the Sikh Temple gave me my most important reason. When I heard about the shooting I immediately thought of a Sikh family at one of the schools.

They were only part of the community for one year and then unfortunately were transferred out west. During their year with us, they spent time educating the students, faculty and administrators about their culture, traditions and beliefs. We learned about the five virtues and the kara and patka. And, how the Sikh people are non-violent. Knowing that fact made the attack at the Temple that much worse.

Knowing this family personalized the shooting. I hoped the same thoughts came to the parents and children in our school community. This wasn't just another horrible shooting of anonymous people, but members of a group of people where we know 3 of the 500,000 Sikhs who live in America.

If diversifying our schools wasn't a priority, we may never have met this family...and it might have been just another horrible shooting.

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