Wednesday, September 15, 2010

think globally + act locally

it's hard to think or say america should not help countries in need of support. whether it's with money, food or military assistance. if i could, i would help the world, seriously, i would really help the world. but i know that i can make more of an impact if i look locally. if we all thought about our local, imagine how powerful an impact we could our neighborhood.

but i keep thinking about america rebuilding itself in order to have the resources, manpower and stamina to really help the world. we all know what it feels like to be out of resources and strength. when you're not functioning at at 100%, it's hard to rally. america is not running close to 100%. i think it might be our time to pull back and regain strength so that we can be healthy to help.

and how about if each city takes this responsibility on seriously and forcefully? new york city is fortunate to have the robin hood foundation which finds and funds the best programs to fight poverty in nyc. and 100% of what you give goes directly to programs helping to fight poverty. so doesn't every city need robin hood?


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  1. from aunt judy:
    I agree, our attention, our strength, our finances, our leaders in all areas of the business community should concentrate and work together in fixing, healing, and building a better, cohesive America. first fix us, then help others. start at the ground level, inch by inch, one step at a time. we really need a lot of fixing. we re so far off center it is frightening. we have brilliant minds...all colors, all speaking different languages. such talent out there.
    what will it take to wake up this country, and stop being a "me " mentality?