Friday, March 26, 2010

the staycation

this is the first spring break in a while that i haven't gone away. for a variety of reasons, it didn't seem to be the year to leave the city. instead, i'm visiting the york city. i worked pretty much most of the first week of break, saw a bunch of friends, went out for lunches and dinners, sat on the steps of the met with a friend and laughed about doing the same thing in high school, saw a couple of movies, and walked my butt off. the weather was beautiful.

the plan for this week, the second week, is broadway with a quick stop off broadway first. apparently, every year i say to zach that i should take him to stomp since he loves percussion. and every year i forget. well, this sunday i'm finally making good on it. a friend is coming in from the beach with her 2 boys and i'm taking the 3 boys to stomp. 3 teenage boys and loud banging should go together perfectly.

broadway bound on monday beginning with american idiot. another teen dream come true...the music of green day set to a story. by wednesday we go back in time - to an era that's more mine - when we're seeing the addams family. morticia and gomez, lurch and cousin it, wednesday and pugsley, uncle fester and fingers are already starting to snap. the week ends with a real ny moment. we're going to the opening of a friend's play, red. zach's first broadway opening. pretty cool. 

wwcd: this staycation has reminded me that we already live in an amazing city and really appreciating it makes it more special

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  1. Yes, we jaded NYers forget that millions of people come HERE every year for THEIR vacations . . . and it's a GREAT place to visit . . .

    Zach might like the new show at the public - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - American History with humor and a rock score . ..,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,141/id,1005