Thursday, April 29, 2010

the next stage

it's been hard motivating lately to write. so many different things going on in my life, in my mind. many of the thoughts and realities are very good. i'm still enjoying my new way of living...the stairs have been somewhat replaced with jumping jacks. walking is still as therapeutic as ever and especially with this perfect ny weather.

zach is in a great place - enjoying the final bits of middle school with so much excitement about entering high school. i'm loving his happiness and listening to his enthusiasm. high school next year. how did that come so soon? seems as though he just started kindergarten at dalton. standing in front of that red door on 91st street. wanting to be the first one in the building. 4 years of wanting to be first. then at the end 3rd grade feeling the need to move on to bigger space. being so ready for a bigger building.

8th grade seems to feels like 3rd. the need for bigger and more, but this time the more is more thinking, more challenges, more choices. when zach describes computer science or traveling to beijing or 12 labs per week, i know it's time for school to grow and keep up - just as it did from 3rd into 4th. but the changes and challenges that will present themselves in the next 4 years are great and filled with such opportunity.

wwcd: going to enjoy and embrace the new age and stage as i've done for all of them so far

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  1. i hope you both enjoy the next phase - high school. i found that the growth in my kids was not always reflected by the external school structures, and that i had to stay back at times in order to see their more subtle transformations. turns out that there was as much room in me for new understanding as in them over those years. prepared me for the patterns that followed - college and beyond.