Sunday, February 5, 2012


Half empty or half full? I'm a half full kind of person and prefer to see the best in a situation or person. I think that's why I like a new year. It's a time that most people feel positive about starting fresh.

Oddly, it was a bit hard when I thought about 2012 beginning. Between feeling need for personal change and the looming presidential election, this new year seemed filled with more uncertainty than past years. What's interesting is sitting here a little over a month into the year and I'm already feeling differently about what's coming. I'm feeling more settled and focused than I was during most of 2011, and I'm enjoying more of where I'm spending my time now.

As for the election, well, it's a bit like watching children fight. Not Obama since he hasn't fully stepped in yet, but each Republican candidate. And even though we're down to 4, I'm worried about all the negativity being promoted so far. I fear this election will be dirty and dangerous. Between Adelson and Trump and a few other monied or vocal people, it feels like posturing and throwing their weight around and unfortunately, not about the better candidate winning.

Many things need to change in this city, the country, the world, and right now there are too many voices making noise and not enough solutions being heard. Obama, I'm counting on you in your second term to find those solutions and be as noisy as possible.

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