Friday, June 11, 2010

it's just a feeling

i am not usually at a loss for an opinion. doesn't really matter the subject...paint colors, movies, vacation spots, and more importantly when it comes to what's right...well, at least to me. it makes me uncomfortable to write that, but the truth is - it seems quite apparent to me most of the time what's right and wrong. not that i always do the right thing - because i definitely don't. but i'm the first to know when i don't. 

it's a feeling i's that feeling in your bones when something doesn't feel safe. it's the same feeling you tell your kids to pay attention to if they feel it. it's not something you can control. it's just there. going one step further, if you're just a bystander watching something not right ... act ... because it's the right thing to do. isn't it?

how do we make people more sensitive? care more? want life and things to be better...not just for them, but especially for others? maybe when seeing differences - the perspective on any given situation. maybe seeing those with less, or those with physical limitations, or just someone where your time and love can make a difference will make you feel different.

wwcd: if we pay more attention to that feeling, maybe we'll all feel more

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