Thursday, January 14, 2010

kind of more of the same

i'm having a hard time not being sad or finding the positive. the images from haiti are gut wrenching and remind me of the world trade center, katrina, and the tsunami in banda aceh. all different tragedies, with similar results. it's hard feeling helpless. it's uncomfortable just writing a check - even though it helps. it's hard thinking about day-to-day silliness and i'm definitely more impatient with myself and others.

we had a fun dinner tonight with mom and we laughed a lot. it was mindless fun and it wasn't until the routines of the evening started up again that i slipped back into the quiet of my thoughts. we're all so fucking lucky and so many of us can't appreciate it. at times we do, but why can't we love the people in our lives and enjoy our lives more? i sometimes get the feeling that people bond over complaining.

i love reading people's status updates on facebook. i've gotten to the point that if you read me the updates without telling me the person, i'm pretty sure i could match the statement to the person. we've all gotten a bit repetitive. there's farmville-ers (which we all learned to block pretty quickly), the eco-friendly poster, the inside jokester, the proud parent picture person, the you tuber and the complainer. i like acknowledging positive statements with the i like that click and am glad that at times there isn't the i don't like that click option.

wwcd: maybe facebook would introduce the really? click


  1. It's not a bad thing to be grateful for and engaged in day-to-day silliness, even in the worst of times. We all have bad times when we feel our lives are subject to disasters beyond our control of one scale or another. Staying rooted and balanced actually helps -- I like the idea that we elected Barack Obama by each of us offering our hopes and acting as we were able. So it is now. My individual life adds in to this collective moment. Even oceans apart we are in it together.

  2. the "really?" click!!! I love it Casper, and I love this blog. It's good to be back to readin it :)