Sunday, January 3, 2010


sundays are tough for some. sundays after two weeks off for winter break are tough for many. as much as i enjoy my time off and a break from life's routines, i love routines and schedules and my to-do lists. i also prefer when zach has a schedule and things to do. don't misunderstand, i don't think he or we need to be over-scheduled, but i prefer structure.

i'm now feeling kind of bad. so many of my friends and their kids prefer the lack of schedule. maybe it's that they don't completely enjoy their typical routines or school and this makes sundays particularly difficult. i do get it, but i also think that not every single part of life is supposed to bring complete and utter joy. if it did, could we really live in a constant state of total happiness, always? i prefer the balance of both - it's my perspective keeper.

i wonder if as adults we're just remembering that feeling we had as kids of the impending doom of school on monday. maybe we can change this pattern for ourselves and even our kids and look at sundays as the reality check. if sunday is as bad or as sad as we feel during the week, that's pretty amazing.

wwcd: i'm going to start posting the blog to fb on sundays and start the week off on a positive note

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  1. I think Sundays can change with a combination of loving what you do during the week, using yourself in satisfying ways in general, not loading the weekends/vacations with unattainable expectations for pleasure or accomplishment, and not denying yourself the parts that make you happy just because it is a work day. This way, weekends allow freedoms to schedule more or less, but weekdays are not denials of the self. Giving oneself up to someone else's priorities and routines can feel lousy -- a.k.a. school or job... unless those priorities and routines really suit you. Tough when the choices might not be yours to make (think school choice or minimum wage or high pressure job)... easier if you can reposition yourself to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing - giving yourself the freedom you need even in the structure imposed by others. This takes practice... and willingness to see that your attitude is a choice, freeing yourself from feeling put-upon, manipulated, and resentful, or disappointed -- all typical of Sunday negative mood swings.

    How do we enjoy the potential for satisfaction and dissatisfaction in every moment of every day? Ah, well, that's a subject for my blog maybe...