Wednesday, February 3, 2010

brain balancing

on one hand it's been slow and on the other hand, well, the other hand is too busy to stop and see what's on it! i like to think i'm organized and pace myself. i'm either not very good at it or the flow of work has an unfortunate rhythm. it's also been challenging balancing different types of projects which use different parts of my brain. the creative v. the logical

the creative part never ceases to amaze me with its problem solving ability. just when i think i'm at a loss for a solution, i see the light go off and it illuminates an answer. not exactly sure what i would do if that light didn't go off. i can't imagine how i'd feel not being able to find a creative solution to a problem. it's certainly not always easy and some solutions i like more than others. but i love the challenge.

the organized and managerial part of my brain has spent a lot of time trying to hone diplomatic skills and at times i feel more like a politician. i pour energy into a presentation...knowing that choosing some words, tone and strategy will either bring success or failure. i think with a strong argument and the proper presentation you can sell most ideas. it's a tremendous feeling of accomplishment. different than the creative solution feeling, but equally rewarding.

wwcd: continue having the right side challenge the left...or vice versa

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