Wednesday, February 10, 2010

school will be open

it's amazing how these 4 little words can make happy children miserable and miserable parents happy. we had a snow day today in ny. this is not a common occurrence and one that is very welcomed by not only children, but teachers too. the fact that this snow day was decided at noon the day before and that it came before a long 4 day weekend, makes it even better. 

the mayor announced late this afternoon that public schools will open tomorrow. but it's still snowing. most private schools have already sent parents an email stating that school is open tomorrow. but it's still snowing. parents are doing the happy dance. but it's still snowing. the kids are so bummed.

alright...let's go with it. how great would it be to wake up tomorrow morning and have the city blanketed in snow? how great would it be to receive a 5:30am call saying school is closed thursday too? we could spend the day sledding in the park, throwing snowballs, watching movies under blankets on the couch, drinking hot chocolate....oh, wait a minute, i'm just is open.

wwcd: enjoy that we had the day, would have loved another, but it's only 2 days until the weekend!


  1. Be happy for what you have had and not what you WISH you could have.

  2. Funny how I look at snow days these days - used to love them, yesterday (and today) just thinking of ways to entertain and not keep the TV on all day! :)