Friday, December 25, 2009

for you mrs. w.

one of the great things about staying in ny for christmas is going to movies. at least that's what i thought. when i think of holiday movies, i think happy, funny, light. i've been taken aback with the trailers being shown -- the lovely bones, huh?  i couldn't even get through the book because it was so sad.

the first movie we went to was up in the air with george clooney. he could pretty much read the phone book for 2 hours and i would watch....honestly. and the chemistry between george and vera farmiga was palpable. this was a wonderful movie except it's marketed as a comedy - yes, there are funny scenes and it has sharp, adult writing, but i would not call it a comedy. rating: worth your time

i'm speechless about our next choice - everybody's fine. i wasn't sure exactly what this movie was about, but all the actors are smiling in the movie poster. the smiles and the title tricked me into thinking it would be a feel good we bought tickets. we were wrong. the only good feeling was it made us realize that we are happier than anyone in the movie. rating: too much family time

on christmas day i squeezed in 2 movies  - nine and it's complicated. nine is one of the most incredible movies i've seen in a long time. along the lines of moulin rouge and cabaret. the cast, story, music, location, women, costumes, make up are spellbinding. from the minute we sat down, our eyes were glued to the screen. the 60s were an incredible time in fashion and it's multiplied by setting it in italy. rating: un film sorprendente

it's complicated was your typical nancy meyers movie -- laugh out loud fun. might even be funnier for those of us who are divorced. who knew being divorced would actually make you laugh more about something...? it was 2 hours of meryl streep giving older women a new appeal, alec baldwin with a butt double and steve martin acting stoned a little too well. rating: this is the feel good movie i was looking for 

wwcd: wishing you a merry christmas and more feel good movies in 2010