Saturday, December 5, 2009

green cards

i've been designing our holiday cards since 1995 when zach was born. i had just learned how to use a mac and design and photography programs. the cards started out pretty simple and then each year became a little more complicated.  there was the year that i made the card an ornament with raffia attached in order to hang on the tree. i know i'm jewish, but i'm also a sucker for a great tree.

once i went back to work, at the end of 2000, the cards became less complicated and more clever. over the years we had such classics as the 4 seasons of zach (an idea one of his teachers asked me to translate to feature his dog!), 3 facial expressions of zach, you get the idea. all of these culminated last year with a photo on the card of obama recruiting zach to washington. with each year brought the challenge of keeping zach interested in being the focus of the card. i'm actually surprised i've gotten him this far.

that brings us to this year. zach is 14 and i couldn't find one photo that inspired me. i thought i could do something funny with zach and sarah palin, but honestly didn't want to give her the additional exposure to the 300 people i send cards to. i did think about emailing a card this year and quickly gave that up -- i love paper too much.  i know, i said i was a sucker for a great tree, but i'm not ready to go totally green just yet.  oh, so you want to know what i ended up doing for the card this year? you'll know soon'll be in the mail on monday.

wwcd: i'm going green where i can and each year will get a little closer to emailing the holiday card

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  1. Yippee! I'm glad to hear that you've not given up on the card. I love it and I look forward to it every year, you're so clever about it, it's definitely the "unique" card on my office wall. ;)