Thursday, December 10, 2009

what to buy

it all starts tomorrow night. 8 nights of presents - some that are meaningful and others that are fillers. zach is the only recipient of 8 gifts, but i try to make them more meaningful. has become a gift i give many times. not to zach over the 8 nights, but at least one of the nights he receives money to invest in an entrepreneur in another country.

for friends i have a hard time balancing my love of buying just the right gift and knowing there are people who don't have...anything. i feel in my heart that we are all so fortunate - we have the basic necessities and way more. so when do i say, "i'm not buying gifts and instead i'm making contributions where they are needed"? i have decided to take a percentage of what i would normally spend and make a contribution instead.

i would also rather have lunch or dinner with a friend and spend that time together.  as my life is now, time is the greatest gift i can give. nothing makes me happier than running out of the office to meet a friend for lunch in the neighborhood. it takes me out of my day, let's me catch up in person with a friend and i come back to the office relaxed. i'm having lunch with a friend tomorrow who - with love - calls me a lunch ho.  she knows i'm really more of a friend ho.

wwcd: toys break, clothes shrink, ipods become outdated...but friends are always just right

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