Thursday, December 3, 2009


most people who are 51 years old do not wake up and know this is the day they're going to die. certainly not if they're healthy.  you may have your affairs in order, but you probably would have many things left unsaid to family and friends. so, how do we really live each day as if it were our last.....with nothing left unsaid?

i won't pass judgement on michael jackson and how he lived his life, but i will say that if you play with fire, you may get burned. it's sad that we've lost a pop icon at such a young age. i can't help but wonder, why someone with so much - and i'm talking about 3 children, 7 siblings,  countless nieces and nephews, and talent - would risk losing it all?

i'd like to think we can learn a little something from him. if we can make life and the people in our life valued enough so that not a day goes by that we don't treasure it and them, then we've learned something. it's easy when a tragedy takes place to turn your life around and make promises with all good intentions. it's often hard to keep up the momentum. we can only try to say what you have to say and do what you need to do. one day at a time.

wwcd: challenge yourself...that's what i'm doing with this blog and also with the rest of my life

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  1. Today's wwcd is especially timely. At the ripe age of 25, I am feeling that I have to be unafraid to work for and commit to the things I want for myself. Making excuses, albeit legitimate ones, is easy and quietly and steadfastly working towards your goals is the hard part. I believe that publicly I appear to be the latter, however, I privately feel that I am 100% guilty of the former. It seems that I am waiting some sort of sign to let me know that the time has come.

    I wonder what I am waiting for. My goal is grad school and quieting the whisperings of "Focus on your new job!" and "You need more work experience!" and "Oh, it's so expensive!" and "I need more time to study!"and of course "Am I smart enough to pass that test?" has been difficult.The more I analyze my inaction and reasons therefore, the more I realize these are feelings that I will probably always have regarding some element of my life or another terminally.

    I am thus committing to myself as I have committed to a lease, a job, and a few men. I will do it: quietly, earnestly, and without fear.

    Because after all we have nothing to fear, except fear itself and the worse failure of all is not to try.