Tuesday, December 1, 2009

friend or parent

when i was growing up my mother didn't want to be my friend, she wanted to be my mother. as i got older, the line blurred and we became friends. actually, as i think about my teen years, i remember a couple of friends' parents who blurred the lines, wanting to hang out with us. wanting to be cool, i assume.  at times we thought they were cool...the go-to parent when yours wouldn't listen, but in reality, these were not the parents you could go to and get good advice.

many parents i know now have allowed those lines to blur too early. i love my son, would do virtually anything for him, but i am not his friend.  i have his back and i'm his advocate, but i am not his friend. i want to set an example of good adult behavior. i want zach to know when i disapprove of his behavior or actions. i expect him to show the proper respect for adults when they act like adults.  i love the idea of zach having other adults - relatives, teachers, friends of mine - he trusts enough to confide in. i hope he chooses wisely.

he's a teenager now and is faced with and will be faced later on with more choices. i hope he continues to have his inner strength...the one who hasn't succumbed to peer pressure. i hope the pressure or condoning of inappropriate behavior doesn't come from parents who are just trying to be cool and blur the lines.

wwcd: i love being a mom and will always, and i look forward to a friendship with my son somewhere down the line

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