Monday, November 30, 2009

one of those moments

there was a great scene in a mediocre movie. the movie was "my best friend's wedding" and it did have some very funny scenes  -- like where they all sang dionne warwick's song "i say a little prayer" at dinner. but the great scene i'm talking about took place between julia roberts and dermot mulroney.  their characters had been friends for many years and now he was marrying cameron diaz and julia was jealous, sort of.

julia and dermot were spending time alone on a boat talking about their friendship and what each has meant to the other.  then dermot quotes cameron, "if you love someone, you say it or the moment passes you by." they look into each other's eyes - this was that moment - and julia is about to say i love you. she doesn't and the moment passes. whether or not they're meant to be together, i have no idea, but it was one of those moments.

how many moments do we let pass by? i know i've missed several and even if you're lucky enough to get another chance, it's not quite the same.  it's a different moment with a different feeling. i feel very lucky to have a great family and incredible friends who have all been supportive at many different times in my life.

wwcd:  i'm taking this moment to say i love you to my family and friends

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