Wednesday, November 4, 2009

outlets to live by or for

we all need an outlet. this blog has become mine and something i look forward to even when i don't think i have anything to say. have we always needed outlets or has life become so fast and demanding that we need to carve out special time for something we love or something just different?

the gym or exercise is a popular outlet. recently i've heard that friends of mine enjoy singing, dancing, reading and practicing tae kwon do, yoga or pilates and choose these as their great escapes. and others just take time and breathe. it is amazing how the peaceful act of breathing - something we do every minute of the day unconsciously - when done consciously and rhythmically, is peaceful and rejuvenating.

growing up i don't remember my family being as stressed or running around as much i do today. true, my mom and step-father came home at the end of the day, sat down and had a cocktail before having dinner with us. i don't do that, but after those times that i have had a glass wine or beer with dinner, i think to myself that i should do this more often. it definitely takes the edge off, is relaxing and removes any bothersome thoughts from the day.

wwcd: it's all about stepping outside your day-to-day life and increasing your happiness - what's your outlet?


  1. I try to take myself out to lunch, once a week, with a book or a magazine. Just to have someone else put the meal together and wash the dishes is lovely. I got that idea from my sister.

  2. I take a bath. When I first found my apartment the Super asked if it would be ok to renovate the bathroom before I moved in. I asked him if it made a difference to my rent and he said, possibly but more than likely not, and the I asked what would be different about the bathroom, and he said, we'd start by removing the bathtub and replacing it with a stand up steam shower, I immediately said, please don't renovate the bathroom then, I want, no I NEED the bath tub.

    I dream, I reflect, sometimes I even drink a glass of wine while I sud. Life in this city is fast, slowing down and sitting in a soaking bubbly tub is one of the best outlet's ever.

    Nice post Casper ;)