Sunday, November 29, 2009

be a quitter

when faced with a difficult situation that requires me to act, and i feel powerless or overwhelmed, i think about the day i quit smoking. april 14, 2003 was a huge day in my life. it's incredibly empowering to make a decision and follow through with that decision. you can feel the same when quitting a dead end job or an unhealthy relationship. granted cigarettes have a physical and chemical addiction, but i guess the same can be said for a job or person. it's easy to fall into patterns and habits and shy away from change.

fearing the worst, quitting was a lot easier than i imagined. i chose my last smoking day, bought the patch, did a lot of deep breathing and then it was just me and no cigarettes. i heard nicotine was harder to quit than heroin, not having ever tried or being addicted to heroin, i had no reference to hold me back. oh, i forgot to tell you though how much i loved smoking, but knew the time had come for change. i can honestly tell you that when faced with a difficult decision, i think back to april 14, take a few deep breaths and remember what i'm made of.

wwcd:  the first step is realizing it's time for change

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