Sunday, November 8, 2009

i love girls

there is a group of girls today who make me wish i also had a daughter. i don't wish for the girls who are growing up too quickly, obsessed with boys and fashion, but i love the girls who challenge themselves. my son is on the wrestling team at school and he came home the other day after the first class and told me all the names of the kids on the team. it was the usual suspects from last year, a few new boys from the 8th grade group, all new 7th grade boys....AND 8th grade girls.

i didn't see one girl last year on the middle school wrestling team. there was one high school girl who was apparently a kick ass wrestler and took down several boys during the season. but, now there are girls i've known since kindergarten...sweet, funny, lovely girls. kudos to their parents for allowing them to wrestle. and if they didn't know in advance, well, i hope they met the news with encouraging words.

what a great world we live in where the lines are blurred between typically boy and girl activities. if we could only blur them more in the workplace and in the home we'd be so much more productive. i'm so proud of these girls for stepping outside the norm, but if i were to be a bit skeptical i could easily think this was just a way to hang out with boys. nope, i choose to see this for what i hope it is...progress.

wwcd: step outside your comfort zone - we can all learn a little something from the girls


  1. Yes, we were encouraging and no, we did not know in advance. One of the boys on the team told my daughter that wrestling was not for girls and that comment motivated her more than anything else. She did worry what practice would be like over the weekend. Today when she returned home from school, she went straight to the shower to wash off "the boy sweat" on her. I am proud of her for taking on the challenge, pretty sure I wouldn't have had the courage back in the day. It is a great, blurry world.

  2. how great! boy sweat and all!! these are the life lessons you can't plan for, but have such a long-lasting impact. give her a thumbs up from me.