Tuesday, November 10, 2009

it's still 1/2 full

how is it you can go along humming - things are moving in the right direction, everyone is healthy, family and friends are happy - and something happens or someone says something and everything gets rocked? or you're not even sure what's happened, but know your day-to-day has changed.

the last couple of months have been humming. even though i've been busier than usual, it's all been manageable and positive. and life has been really good - the kind of good you feel. the kind of good that makes you smile and allows you to walk over the bumps of life and not really take notice. yet something has changed in the last couple of days.

i'm not wondering about the why but have decided to just focus on getting back on track. wow, last tango in paris is on cinemax...marlon brando circa 1973. didn't mean to digress, but how could i not mention last tango? so, i'm just trying to get back on track. i'm banking on my writing to pull me out of this...it's enough of a distraction, a little bit of therapy, and i can make it as positive as i like.

wwcd: we've all got that thing in our life that keeps up focused and positive, we just need to remember to use it

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