Sunday, November 1, 2009

blame the duvet

for many of us, we spent our teens wishing for our period to start, our 20s trying not to get pregnant, our 30s trying to get pregnant and our 40s wishing our period would finally stop. so sitting here as a recently turned 50 year old, i keep hoping that any month this will all just end. i remember my mother telling me that when she was 50 her period just stopped. no hot flashes, no night sweats, no hormone therapy, no memory issues, no nothing. i immediately signed up for that version of menopause.

the reality is i've spent most of my adult life thinking menopause is right around the corner. my body temperature has always been high and i usually wake up in the middle of the night hot. my bed linens are simple...4 down pillows, linen or cotton bottom sheet and pillow cases, a down duvet with cotton or linen duvet cover. i love the weight and coziness of a down duvet. i also have the ac running a good part of the you get the picture, the room is cold, but the duvet is warm.

this past summer after waking up hot once again, i had an epiphany: it's not menopause, it's the duvet. i found a cotton duvet my mom had given me and traded in the down one. it changed my life. i'm still hoping to go through menopause one of these days, but at least i'll be a lot cooler at night.

wwcd: some problems are not how they present and sometimes there's an easy solution

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  1. I love this post Casper--just this week I was thinking. Will this nonsense EVER end??? I know I have another 10-15 years to wait for that answer but maybe in the mean time I should look into buying a new Duvet! lol