Saturday, November 21, 2009

on the boat

i had an interesting conversation with my friends liz and colton this evening. we're parents of 14 year old boys and liz and i grew up with stories about how our grandfathers travelled to america at this age. alone and not speaking the language. coming to a new country to work and make a life. we talked about whether or not our sons had the independence and inner strength to make a voyage like that.

we agreed that our goal as parents is to raise children to be confident, adventurous and feel secure enough to get on the proverbial boat. we aren't 100% convinced that our boys are there just yet, but hopefully on the right track. we did compare today's parents and parents of generations past and how parts of life are easier now...and some not quite so.

responsibilities for kids are different than decades earlier. chores were more important and necessary years ago. nobody will starve if the dishwasher isn't emptied or the garbage isn't taken out or the bed isn't made. we give them these chores to develop a sense of responsibility and to be an active participant in the family. the truth is, it's easy to slack on the vigilance, but then we're only slacking off as parents.

wwcd: let the goal chore be making the bed on the boat

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