Saturday, November 28, 2009

i still like holding hands at the movies

having recently spent time with several people from my past, i am reminded of what relationships were like. how easy it was to meet people, be in a relationship and get out of it. now, well, it's all different. maybe not all of it, but the word easy is never in the same sentence with "i met someone and it's been so _______."

in the old days you'd meet people everywhere...and friends had friends and there were possibilities at school or work. now, there's:
- e harmony - 29 dimensions of compatibility - what happened to chemistry?
- j date - meet jewish singles - since i've only dated 2 jewish guys in my life, my track record isn't so great
- - someone irresistible is so close - this just sounds creepy
- facebook - helps you connect and share with the people in your life - not really a matchmaking site, but it's doing a great impersonation of one

it's all different now...the rules have changed...senior citizens are much is happening and it's not happening face-to-face. if i at 50 can't figure this out, what chance do teenagers have? you can't really meet someone online -- i know people will disagree and site examples of the million couples they know who have met and married. ok, i know i won't meet someone that way.

wwcd: you need to hear a voice, see their eyes and hold hands at the movies

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