Monday, November 23, 2009

what an impact warren

it's usually sad when someone dies and more so when they're young. the older i get, the younger most old ages become. earlier this evening i attended a memorial service for a faculty member at my son's school who died suddenly in early september of a brain aneurysm at the age of 56. the first person i saw at the service was a woman i know who herself had an aneurysm last year. as we spoke i could only think how hard it must be for her to be here. but then again, she's here.

the service format of who spoke was lovely: head of school, a colleague, a current student and an alumna. each speaking from a different vantage point and each painting a picture of warren that vividly described a person so dedicated to learning, to his friends and colleagues, to his students, to his church. then the audience was asked if they would like to say anything. at least 6 people spoke about the way they knew warren, recited amusing stories about him, described how kind he was, and spoke about his passion as a teacher.

and then came time for the last person to speak before moving to the reception. way in the back of the auditorium a woman stood, explained she had been a student of warren's years ago and told how she benefitted from his teaching and his kindness. she went on to say that now, as an attorney who represents many teenagers, she spends additional time meeting with her clients outside of the court room. she learned from warren that it doesn't take a great deal of time to make an impact on a teenager.

wwcd: make an impact in someone's life...take the time

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