Thursday, November 19, 2009

let's like our yucky dimples

it's all about growing old and learning to accept you for you and who you are becoming. it's not just about the face and body changing, it's what's changing inside too. becoming more sensible, more comfortable, less tolerant, less patient. we all grow old differently. living in ny and seeing how some women fear aging made me embrace turning 50 even more. i thank god (or genes) for being as healthy as i am. i remember seeing what my grandmothers looked like at 50 and they were old ladies. i feel far away from looking and feeling like that.

i know i don't look and feel 30 any more...but, am fine with that. of course, i think about getting botox. and then i think about what that really means. if i start with botox, do i then get my eyes done, a little treatment for cellulite, a shot of restylane? and then where do i stop? is it when my face is so pulled i look like i've gone through a wind tunnel? i don't want to grow old like that.

i'm looking to be the old lady with lines that represent a well lived life that included a lot of smiling. an old lady who still loves life and all the possibilities it holds. i want to still find joy in the small moments. i want to still love dancing and loud music with a little auntie mame nuttiness thrown in for fun.

wwcd: i'm going to keep up with my interests and maybe hang out with people whose eye sight is not so good...just to soften the lines + dimples a bit

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  1. I say this in all honesty, you do NOT look your age at all Casper and I can only HOPE that I look as good as you in 11 years! You rock girl...go on and dance and listen to that music as loud as you want. ;)