Wednesday, November 11, 2009

i'm an addict

i love texts -- sending them, receiving them -- the whole idea of them. i love when my blackberry vibrates or if i miss the movement, i love the kerplunk it makes when the text is deposited. i love the immediacy of them...the lack of social cues...the riskiness. honestly, i'm worse than a teenager.

if we had texts when i was in high school, i really don't think i'd ever have gotten anything done and my phone would have been permanently taken away. we only had the option of the phone and if we were lucky, we had one in our bedroom for privacy...maybe even our own phone number. if we wanted to talk to our friends, we had to do it either in person or on the phone. not nearly as many choices as we have today with texts, ichat, im, email, facebook, cell phones, land lines and there are probably more that i don't know about yet.

recently, i had a "conversation" with someone over a couple of hours that was happening simultaneously on facebook, texts and emails. it takes multitasking to a whole new level. but what it really doesn't allow for is looking someone in the eye, seeing a reaction or hearing a tone or inflection. boundaries are also blurred. i wonder if this generation will understand the subtleties of social cues and appreciate slowing down and taking time to sit and talk with a friend. their world moves so quickly with no slowing down in sight.

wwcd: i've learned about social cues and have managed not to offend anyone in any far as i know

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  1. Love this post! "Hi,my name is Casper, and I'm a texting addict!" I can see the future... church basements with the Text Addicts anonymous meetings! Or my Blackberry has now become my Crackberry meetings! My Iphone is my Lifephone meetings...oh goodness, I could go on! What have we done? We've created MONSTERS! lol

    Oh, and for the record; My name is Tonya, and I'm a texting addict too!

    Shoot, I should have texted this comment to you!!!! lol :)