Saturday, November 14, 2009

going rogue

my mission here is to be positive, constructive and yet all i feel like writing about is sarah palin. doesn't leave a lot of room for positive, so i'm going to test myself. where can i find the positive here?

we all learned her record as governor of alaska...not so positive. we watched mccain announce her as his running mate....funny, but not so positive. we heard her first speak at the republican convention...the message was not so positive, but she gives good speech. we watched her give interviews and be the butt of snl skits. we met her family...i can't even do them justice. we then heard her bash obama and bash mccain's team. watched them lose and i prayed she'd disappear.

sarah's back. she's written a book and is about to embark on a tour, starting with oprah this monday. i am secretly hoping that oprah, in her polite oprah way, nails her on a few things. but wait, i'm supposed to be finding the positive here. one positive could be oprah makes her look foolish...more foolish. but i guess that's not really positive.

i reread this post and the only positive i find is she gives good speech. how easy it is to package a person...she's pretty, she smiles big, she's energetic, she speaks well when given what to say. it's not about her message and all about the package. but the package doesn't last and eventually you see through it and there's nothing there.

wwcd: it may be easier to be the package but we need to be about our core content because that lasts

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