Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i wish

i've done a lot of volunteering at zach's school over the last 9 years, but it or i have slowed down over the last year and a half. so when the parents association was looking for house parents in 8th grade, i volunteered. i figured it was the last year i could be a house parent, since they don't want us around in high school.  being an 8th grade house parent isn't very taxing. it really depends on the teacher and how much help they need.  you can coordinate parent volunteers for field trips, class breakfasts, etc.  but the best part is making and buying teacher gifts. the buying part is easy. the making part for 8th graders is another story.

it's easy when the kids were little...they would contribute pictures or drawings for books and art project gifts or make a ceramic sculpture of something cute.  but how to engage 13 and 14 year olds in a way that's interesting and not juvenile. didn't think hand prints on a plate would work -- their hands are way too big now.  and i didn't think a calendar with pictures of the class doing something fun for each month would be appropriate -- who takes pictures of 13 and 14 years olds like we did when they were 8? i'm not sure i really want to see everything they're doing.

i figured out that asking them to write one sentence would be something they could fit in between sports, music lessons, texting, homework, shopping, rehearsals, and parties. at least i hoped so. it took a while to figure out what to ask them to write, but i came up with an "i wish" sentence.  they could wish something for their teacher, family, friend, school, city, country or world. i have been surprised at the thoughtful responses i've received so far. they've hoped for peace, a greener world, health and happiness, and one of my favorites so far: i wish my teacher's child would let her sleep through the night.

wwcd: it's inspiring to hear what the next generation is hoping for...even if it's just a good nights sleep

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  1. Ah! This is what you were talking about! What a great idea... I think I have (finally) thought of something. amy