Sunday, October 11, 2009

get cultured

i've been sucked into the vortex of blogging...better known as my son, zach, set this up and suggested i write. i've read blogs and taken some to heart. i've thought some are completely lame and i would like mine to be relevant....not lame.

so, in trying to name this blog, zach and i came up with several ideas, but i kept coming back to a phrase coined by my friend, barri, several years ago. wwcd: what would casper do isn't an advice column - i'm certainly no dear abby! i'm going to try to write one constructive and positive thought each day.

i think living in nyc comes with a responsibility of taking advantage of the culture this city offers. i've lived here all my life and enjoy it more when i feel a part of it. zach and i saw "hamlet" today. even though the traffic for a sunday was bumper to bumper (i still don't understand the broadway mall addition), we spent 3 uninterrupted hours engrossed in amazing theater. and jude law.

wwcd: get some culture. there's theater, art, the times and make a list of events at museums or shows at galleries that look interesting and put it on your calendar. take a look at the theater section for a revival or new musical or go online and get the listings of music at the garden, b.b. kings, the beacon, the nokia theater and buy tickets. i'm trying for something new at least once a month.

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  1. Where's the "I like this" button? ;) Seriously, this is cool & I realy like the wwcd part. Nice touch.