Tuesday, October 27, 2009

where does time go?

i woke up this morning to lucy the dog making the sound of "i'm about to throw up." that's when you know it's going to be a long day and can only get better. actually, the whole event brought me back to zach's early years, when kids are more like puppies. they need you to do everything, can't speak or feed themselves, want to run around endlessly, and then sleep a lot.

i look back on the last 14 years and think how long each day has felt...in a good way, and how quickly 14 years has passed...in a bad way. i remember my friends who were seasoned parents saying to me when he was born: enjoy each moment, the time passes quickly. all i knew at that point was that i could really function on very little sleep. since i wasn't working for the first 5 years of zach's life, time took on an odd reality and the book i wanted to write was titled: every day is tuesday. honestly, there was no differentiating the days of the week.

i embraced all ages and stages. i never wanted to rush to the next stage. what i'm having a hard time with now is that he'll be in high school next year and i'm just not sure how that happened. how have over 5000 days passed since he was born? i'm still enjoying the day to day...worrying a little of what the teenage years will bring, but have reconciled it like the terrible 2's. i approached his second birthday expecting him to be the same sweet and smiling boy. we never experienced anything terrible, so i've decided to expect the best of the teen years. i may be fooling myself....

wwcd: expect the best and prepare for a few bumps


  1. I don't think you have ANYTHING to worry about Casper, he's such a great kid! On another note, my friend who is running around after 2 babies and one toddler said to me just last week when I asked her how she was, "Every day is like Ground Dog day in my house, every. single. day. It's always the same thing, I'm just making a different story, but at least I'm enjoying the characters!"

    lol I admire you parents, admire. you. totally!


  2. And as a mother of a 35(!) year old, let me say that it just gets better. Zach will go in and out of various stages, but he'll always be wonderful. And one day, he'll be a grown man, and knowing him, you will always be a priority for him. Even when he falls in love, gets married, etc., you will always be in his life, and it will be even more interesting and fun for ou to be with him. At least that's how it's worked out for me with Jordan. His being married to Ilana has made him so much more considerate, attentive, and, of course, happy.