Tuesday, October 13, 2009

soundtrack of your life

during most times in my life, there is definitely a soundtrack playing. for some people they have memories based on food, others smells…me, it’s definitely music. what’s amazing to me is the power music has to change the mood, my mood.
i grew up in the 70s and started going to concerts at madison square garden when i was 14. i saw sly stone get married, paul mccartney with wings, richard nader’s rock and roll revivals, david bowie, and more concerts than my memory permits. after my senior prom, we went to studio 54 where we spent as many nights as our parents would allow us to dance the night away. music and dancing were and are a very powerful combination.
sharing a love of music with zach has grown over the years. when he was 3, my friend, alex, and her 2 year old son, julian, would come over for bad weather disco afternoons. we’d move the furniture in the living room, put on donna summer or evelyn champagne king, or chic, crank up the stereo and the 4 of us would dance. there’s nothing quite as cute as two little boys dancing to disco.
flash forward 11 years and i still thoroughly enjoy sharing music with zach….better yet, he keeps me current. i love kings of leon, ne-yo, the blackeyed peas, and even green day. recently, i took zach to his first madison square garden concert to see green day for his 14th birthday. it brought back a lot of memories.
wwcd: grab your ipod, push shuffle and go for a walk or better still, move the furniture in your living room, call the family in and crank up the music…

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