Monday, October 12, 2009

don't let it expire

i got up this morning with the best of intentions to go to westport. friends we haven't seen in a long time live there and columbus day seemed like the day to turn that around. called avis and rented a car - pick up at 11am at 64th street. zach and i started getting ready. as a new yorker who doesn't have a car now and who doesn't drive often, i went to get my license out of the drawer. decided to look at it only to find that it expired last july on my 50th birthday. i really don't drive often.

in my 20s i let my license expire past the point of just renewing it. i had to take both the written and the driving test again. my younger brother had to drive me down to the dmv. took and passed the written with no trouble. got into the car with the gentleman giving the driving test portion and said to him, "i've been driving for years, wouldn't it be funny if i failed?" deadpan he said, "you wouldn't be the first." luckily, not to add to my humiliation, i passed.

wwcd: the recommendation for today is to check all things that expire - driver's licenses, passports, library books, warrantees, prescriptions, the milk...and anything else in your life that expires.

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