Thursday, October 22, 2009

communication is key, making assumptions is not

how fragile and sensitive friendships are and how easily they can unravel. i allowed something to fester in a friendship for a couple of weeks and put the relationship in jeopardy. i made an assumption about the other person that was wrong. i always think back to that great tv moment on "the odd couple" when felix explained to oscar: when you assume you make and ass of u and me. well, this situation wasn't so much about ass-making and more about friendship-risking.

confronting uncomfortable situations isn't simple and is not an event i look forward to usually, but part of being an adult is that confrontation. the remarkable part is once you've faced that fear, the air clears, the heaviness of the situation lifts and after a few more awkward sentences, friendships pick up where they left off. women can be very forgiving - yes, we've all come across those who harp and hold onto the grudge, but as a whole we look for the reconciliation. we are usually the peace keepers and peace makers.

wwcd: if the friendship is important and you both cherish it...confront and communicate and reconcile

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