Monday, October 26, 2009

the climb

i've always liked many different types of music, with the exception of country. something has changed and i now enjoy all types of music. i seem to gravitate to music that inspires and makes me feel good. i'm not talking about christian music - although if i could get past the genre title some of it might be inspiring. i'm talking about the songs that get you out of bed, in a good mood, off to work, out for dinner, through a bad situation.

i guarantee that if you see me walking on the street with my ipod and a smile on, i'm listening to one of these songs:

u2 - beautiful day
miley cyrus - the climb
jay z and alicia keys - empire state of mind
black eyed peas - i gotta feeling
kings of leon's - sex on fire
coldplay - viva la vida
whitney houston - i didn't know my own strength

wwcd: i dare you to listen to one of these songs and not be inspired

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