Monday, October 19, 2009


most parents feel their children can do anything or be anything...their lives are filled with unlimited potential. my friend felicia told me that many black parents tell their children, "you can grow up to be anything - even president." the day after obama was elected, she said now parents can really mean what they say.

it's been important to me to raise my son zach with the feeling that he has unlimited potential - and can achieve it - with effort of course. for zach's 14th birthday, i made him a card that listed many famous people who were also born on that day. in 2 columns on the front of the card were listed their names and professions and at the bottom of the list was zach's name and for profession i wrote "anything you want to be." not sure why i got a little teary when i wrote that line, but thinking about his potential is emotional.

several people have asked me why i've taken on another "job" with this blog and my response has been that the blog brings me a great deal of pleasure and makes me think in a different way, every day. but in thinking about it more closely, i'm enjoying my unlimited potential.

wwcd: we might want to rethink unlimited potential and apply it to ourselves as well as the kids

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