Wednesday, October 28, 2009

we have no excuses

i remember hearing that life was one errand after another. somewhere along the line that has changed and much of my life has become a deadline. i am very cognizant of time, my calendar, my "things to do" list....and all seem to be time sensitive.

i just switched my calendar from ical to google calendar. i thought this was going to be some monumental change - so much so, that i delayed it for the last couple of years. did i blow that one out of proportion. it took no time to export my calendar from ical and import it into google calendar. and my once beloved, colorful calendar that only lived on my office mac, now follows me from computer to computer to blackberry. herein lies the blessing and the curse.

i liked the excuse of not making plans from home...deferring it to when i'm in the office. those days are gone since my calendar is now where ever i am. this made me think of all the other places where excuses no longer exist:'s in the mail - there's nothing in the mail, except maybe a birthday card from grandma
...the messenger must be running late - most documents are emailed now
...i couldn't call, the pay phone was broken - cell phones make us available 24/7
...and my favorite is when my son complains about how long it can take to access information on the web. i then recount my high school years of walking over to the library (in the rain), looking up the book i needed, figuring out the dewey decimal system from hell only to discover that someone had already taken out the book.

wwcd: we can afford to slow life down a bit, it's been fast-forwarded a little too quickly

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  1. I can relate. My excuse over the weekend used to be: I don't have a computer, I can't check my email. I'm only available online M-F. That all changed with the iPhone, of course. And it gives me something else to be frustrated about, either when AT&T's signal isn't there or my A-S connection doesn't work.